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Noori: A Design Story Inspired By Your Self-Expression & Success

by Vidhi Lal 28 Sep 2023

From the glow of gemstones to the meticulous details that any jewellery has, one thing that connects it all is its design story. If you are a jewellery enthusiast, here’s your backstage pass to our heart and soul, our designs. Find a comfy spot and get ready to immerse yourself in the story of how our dazzling collection, Noori, came to life. Let’s go!

You’re The Muse For Noori!

Jewellery today has become a powerful symbol of self-expression and empowering symbolism. With the belief that there is an “it girl” in every girl, this collection takes its design inspiration from you. It has a mix of styles, a glow that comes from the success and confidence you have developed through your life journey. It stems from self-expression and the spirit of staying true to ourselves. It represents how passionate, confident and fierce you are! 

Journey of Noori: From Papers To Reality 

Each piece in this collection evolves from a sketch to the breathtaking art you see. We ensured that every curve, gemstone and texture on every piece of jewellery in this collection is an ode to perfection. Thanks to all our skilled craftsmen who make it happen!

Classic design elements infused with contemporary trends make it a timeless collection. This delicate equilibrium is what sets it apart from any piece of jewellery you own.

Noori’s Essence: Beyond The Collection

The word Noori means light. This collection encapsulates your story, in short, the light within you. It’s an extension of your identity. The intricacies and the designs invite you to embrace your uniqueness without uttering a word. Each piece in this collection is your journey of self-expression

This collection is all you need if you want to wear your story of self-expression success with pride. So, explore the diva in you with the Noori collection today!

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